Charles Smith, CEO

In any city, in any town in America, as a traveler, you might seek to experience each destination by getting to know the people that live there. You might try local food and seek out places of grandeur and beauty. The rush that one gets from immersing oneself in new environment and by experiencing a variety of cultures is what many describe as “the spice of life” and certainly what can define “a rich life”.

Meeting and getting to know Charles Smith is like finding a unique destination and enjoying the journey with all five senses. Charles’s quiet calm confidence is like a picturesque drive through a majestic mountain range after a decadent meal at a local café…reassuring and satisfying and enjoyable in a five- star way.

Charles was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida. He served four years in the Air Force where he was stationed at Travis Air Force Base in Solano County, California. He has lived in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and the Philippines. Charles is no stranger to immersing himself in new environments and cultures. In fact, he loves travel and has more of it in his “bucket list” on the horizon.

Charles’s wealth of experiences in his career is a diverse as his destinations. Charles has worked as a financial auditor, a corporate controller, a staff accountant and as a senior accountant. Charles has served as the Director of Reimbursement and as the Director of Revenue Management. He has worked in health care, long-term care and as an expert in Medicare. In fact, Charles has had top level executives seek his expertise in the private sector and as a consultant …his proficiency being “too valuable” to be confined to just one sector.

Ultimately, Charles landed in Lewisville, Texas where he is well positioned to put his portfolio of talents to use. Comfortable with a wide array of people, places and points of view, Charles can empathize with individuals who desire to make their living doing work that they love. His appreciation for entrepreneurship, curiosity and invention make Charles Smith the perfect destination for any small business owner.